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Buenavista Baptist Church / Iglesia Bautista Buenavista

Nos complace brindales esta informaci?n sobre la Iglesia Bautista de Buenavista,VC. Cuba; que aparece en la Red. Hemos respetado el texto, incluso al presentarlo en su idioma original.
Vista del frente de la Iglesia
"The Sisterhood of Churches"
A ministry of Laymans-Walk Ministries
Buenavista Baptist Church / Iglesia Bautista Buenavista

Church Address: Iglesia Bautista Buenavista
Independencia # 16 Sur City: Buenavista, 54330 Province: Villa Clara. CUBA
On our first visit to the church we learned that there were 45 members, 2 missions, 6 casa cultos and 6 missionaries. It was founded in 1936. Pastor: Arodis Garcia, Spouse: Neyvis
Arodis and Neyvis were there on this visit. He expressed the need for library fans, doors, chairs, and shelves for a cost of $200, 3 bikes for missionaries for $300 and lunches for the elderly at $5 per week. The library needs were expected. These are the normal things that we provide for. We left $600 from the donors account for these expenses. They are partnered with the same donors who have agreed to partner with Jicotea.
Foto de la esposa del Pastor.
Arodis sister is Yanelis Garcia who lives in Atlanta which is in the same state as the donors. I gave them her phone number and email. They were quite excited to learn of her proximity.
We delivered thirty items (books and videos) to the library along with volumes four and five of the discipleship books that we had printed. These were the last books of the series.
I stopped here with the team from my church, Hillcrest Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida.
The pastor was in Placetas and we met with Deacon Lazaro Omar Perez. Lazaro is the man with the cap in the photo at left.
Foto del Interior de la Iglesia.
The pastor had sent a request through our representative in Cuba. He asked if we could support one missionary there. I wanted to find out how we could send money to support one missionary. It is not cost effective to transmit it. We left one year's pay for missionary Yoanny Artiaga (photo at right). The treasurer of the church will pay him at the end of each month. He was not there but his wife was a witness to the transaction.
The room for the library was adequate so I left funds to furnish it and start buying books. I had visited previously and was excited to realize that we could furnish a Christian library in this location. We left a few books and videos to start the library. This was the first time that we visited the Buenavista Baptist Church, in the tiny town of Buenavista, which although rather far from the sea, has a view of Caibarien and the Atlantic Ocean. There are 45 members, 2 missions, 6 casa cultos and 6 missionaries. It was founded in 1936.
Foto del Patio
Their spiritual vision is to be able to support missionaries. They will also begin the OANSA children's ministry in September of 2002.
Foto, tambien del patio de la Iglesia.
The pastor's vision is to build an education building. There is room for expansion in the back yard.
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If my memory is correct, my grandfather, the Rev. Norberto Rodríguez Ferrer was associated with this church sometime before I was born in 1941. Could someone in Buenavista confirm this?



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